Lesson 5.

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Fantastic series of images. All of your images have strong compositional qualities, all have limited and dramatic color palettes and all of them have strong technical strengths as well (i.e. clarity of focus, controlled depth of field, strategic amputation etc).

    Each image accomplishes exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. That being said, each image is also very different in it’s organizational and compositional features. For example, if your first image, you use two flowers which makes that photograph’s balance much different than the balance of your other two photographs.

    Not only that, but your position as the photographer changes between each of the three shots with provides a varying position of your foreground and its prominence.

    Using highly saturated colors is a common theme throughout each of the three photographs, but each of the photographs contains different color palettes which communicate very different ideas. Your first and last images are the most similar in their color communication, while the middle photograph uses more of a dominance of just 1 color. The other two photographs are weighted more equally in terms of their color balance.

    Overall, this is a spectacular series of photographs. Keep up the great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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