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    Color Theory

    Duncan Rawlinson

    What a fantastic image!

    This assignment asked for you to show your understanding of color theory and simplification by composing and image with a limited color palette. You’ve done just that with this wonderful example. Not only have you simplified your color palette down to gradients of pink, black, white and a little bit of yellow, but you’ve also composed this image in a strong compositional manner.

    You’ve used informal balance by placing the flower on the left side of the frame. This helps ensure your image doesn’t come across as too simplified or boring. The only recommended change I have for you is to experiment with lighting.

    You’ve used front lighting for this image, and front lighting always flattens a composition. There is a lot of hidden texture in this image that could have been brought up with nice side lighting. You can use either a lamp or a flashlight when working within such small space. Gentle side lighting would have forced out the hidden texture in the black and white print fabric as well as the texture in the flower.

    If you haven’t watched these two lighting tutorials please do so now. Although the tutorials are for filmmakers, the principles are the same for photographers.


    and a more advanced subject (color temperature)


    Overall, great work on this assignment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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