Lesson 5: color theory

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Tamara,

    Thanks for submitting your assignment.

    You have certainly progressed with your photography in a short period of time! My apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    To be sure you have done quite well with this photography assignment! So nice work here!!! 😉

    Of course there is always room for improvement.

    I would prefer if you tried to keep everything in mind at once when submitting photographs but I know just how hard that can be!

    The flower in your first photograph is slightly blown out and there is a little loss of detail as you can tell…

    The photograph of the baby is the best image of the bunch and it has a simple and pleasing color palette.

    Note that the image is the strongest not because the subject matter is more powerful or interesting. It is the strongest image because it’s clean, simple, the colors work well.

    A sligthly tighter composition would have improved the image slightly.

    Finally your last image has some nice colors as well. Again though a simpler frame with none of the clutter in the lower third of the frame would have made for a stronger image… It’s nice and sharp and the image is properly exposed so it’s nice. Just simplify your frame to avoid these distracting elements.

    So your colors are strong here just don’t forget to clean up your frame like this:

    photo by earlwilkersonphotography

    Nice work Tamara!

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