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    “limit the array of colors which make it into your photograph. You can choose to shoot a color highlight photograph, a monochromatic photograph or a photograph which uses just analogous colors or complimentary colors. The point is that you just don’t point and click at any colors you wish. See colors in your world and know how to separate them to create a visually appealing photograph.”

    I took one of these today and one yesterday. Looking forward to your suggestions!
    Thank you,

    Duncan Rawlinson


    How are you?!

    Both of these images are quite nice.

    There are only a couple minor points. Neither of which have to do with the color aspect of the assignment. The color aspect of the assignment you got spot on. So well done there.

    Here are a couple minor notes on your first image:


    Note what isn’t working in this image. There are too many horizontal “lines” that are at differing angles with each other. The issue is that your main subject is crooked and that throws the rest of the image into disarray. Note the red horizontal lines I’ve drawn on your image.

    Also there is an exposure issue here in that your sky is totally blown out white. (the circle top left)

    A simple fix for all of this would have been the potential crop I have suggested with a realignment of course.

    You have to ask yourself this question when you’re shooting: “what’s really interesting here our of all this stuff?” Then get really close to that and shoot it.

    In this case it’s this sunbleached sign. So get close and feature that item. That’s one of the simplest things you can do to dramatically improve your images really. Get ridiculously close to things and remove everything boring from the frame.

    Now your last image is quite delightful. The colors are gorgeous. Have you boosted the vibrancy or saturation on this on your computer?

    I really like the arrow in the frame. It adds another element of interest. It’s almost saying “whoa, look at this awesome tree!!!”

    Overally nicely done here SevCat.

    Colors are one of the often forgotten elements in photography. It’s one of the more subtle elements that sets apart the great images from the average ones.

    See you on the next assignment.

    *High five!!!*


    Thank you for taking the time to look my pictures over closely, I really appreciate your insights! No I didn’t change the color on the tree/arrow picture, but I did use a polorizer filter on both of these images. It was just a very vibrant day. The only editing I do on the assignment pictures is cropping… and now rotating horizons. 🙂 It’s not because I don’t know how, it’s because I want to improve my pictures.

    Thank you again

    Duncan Rawlinson


    I may have given you the wrong impression. The ideal scenario is to shoot your horizons straight in camera… If you were not able to do so only then should you resort to levelling the horizon in your computer software…

    Always get the image as close to perfect as possible in camera. Then make minor adjustments later if need be..

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