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    I love the columns of the train station and try to get as few obstacles or things in the way ,but it is very hard to do ,when someone is always passing through.I stuck my hand with the camera inside the electrical tower ,not thinking that ,hey this thing is on 😉 but i did like the outcome.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work!

    This is exactly what we wanted to see you accomplish with this assignment. You’ve been brave with your use of space and you’ve managed to find other ways to organize and simplify your visual stories. You’ve also managed to keep in mind important compositional lessons learnt in previous assignments and use them to various degrees in this assignment. Great work.

    These three modern-industrial images contain the visual theme of “lines”. It’s present in each of the photographs as a primary visual element. Pattern, repetition and depth are other visual cues that hold all of these pieces together.

    Your second and third image are the strongest in my opinion, not because they are the most minimalist, but because they are very well organized. My concern with your first image is that the cars on both sides of the columns are a little distracting. On one hand they provide context, but on the other hand they are all only slightly included and suffer from severe amputation. This would be very difficult to to work around because you can’t fully cut them out but fully including them may have detracted from the main focus of the photograph. Working in natural urban environments is always difficult for this reason and parked cars always pose a problem.

    Your other two photographs however, are perfectly organized. They both have minimalist composition from both a color and object standpoint. That being said, the composition is not composed primarily of negative space. The subject takes up much of the space within the composition which gives the image a ‘weighted” feel to it. It also helps keep the photograph engaging and interesting.

    Overall, great work. I like watching your progression. This is your best work yet!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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