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    This picture was taken early morning so I could take my time. This is a busy area and I wanted to focus on the texture of this old fortress. I used a polarizer filter. Thanks! Millie[attachment=0:juza4mxb]IMG_3046.JPG[/attachment:juza4mxb]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Wow! Beautiful photograph. I like how you thought about the composition for this shot. I see a lot of technical and artistic components emerging in this photograph.

    Let’s start with pointing out that your photograph is split nicely into three sections which ensures the photo abides by the rule of thirds. The foreground in your main architectural object and primary focus, the middle ground is the ocean and the background is the sky. Both the middle ground and background act as a type of “negative space”. They are predominantly gradients of blue with little detail. This helps ensure the viewer’s attention is on the foreground but the ocean and sky help provide texture, tone and a sense of context.

    The use of lines was also brilliant. Using the structure on the right hand side as a “leading line”, to help draw the viewer’s eye into the photograph. Overall, great use of shapes and lines.

    The foreground is breathtaking. However, I feel as the viewer that I want to be closer to the object. I see it’s full of texture but I feel too far back to get a sense of the “feel” of the object. The lighting is very soft in this photograph so the textures would be very subtle, but they are there nonetheless.

    What I would recommend with this photograph is trying to amplify the foreground. The middle ground and background take up too much space (roughly 50% of the photograph). Try exaggerating your foreground by getting closer to it and making it take up 2/3rds of the composition. By getting closer or using a zoom the viewer will see the textures and 3 dimensions of the subject rather than just the outline of it. There is so much potential in this structure beyond its beautiful location and shape. Get in there and capture the details and life of this object.

    Overall though, great assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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