Lesson 6 by Annette

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    Here are my submissions for #6.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Annette!!!! 😀

    How are you?

    I like what you’ve tried to do here in assignment 6. These are both quiet chaotic situations visually and you’ve attempted to organize that chaose using the frame of your camera so that’s great.

    What I want you to remember is to try to push that logic as far as possible when shooting. For example your mirror photo could have been simpler and composed like this:

    photo by jennypics

    or like this:
    photo by cuttlefish

    Do you see how this takes the idea of that mirror almost to it’s most simple form and yet it still highlights complexity of architecture and the record store.

    I think you understand this…

    For your next image the same logic applies. Look at your image the bike and compare it so say this example:

    photo by restlessglobetrotter

    Simplify simplify simplify

    Once you’ve got that idea down you will start to see what makes for a nice image when you’re shooting.

    When I’m shooting I ask myself many many questions but two of the most important are: “is this as simple as it can be and still be interesting?” and “why should anyone care about this?”

    I think you will see improvements in your images just by asking yourself questions like these.

    See you on the next assignment!



    Thanks, I see what you mean. I really am starting to see things differently.


    Duncan Rawlinson


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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