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    Ok this time I intentionally over exposed something and kind of enjoyed the result. I really blew out my hard light exposure. Tell me if this doesn’t work for the assignment and I can shoot something else. The other two photos are more close ups (since I love them) using soft light from indirect sources.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hey Kirk!

    Let’s get right into it. So you’ve aced the part of the lesson about soft light. Both of your images are delightful from a lighting perspective. They both feature quite soft light. So nicely done. From a composition perspective, the middle image could certainly be improved. The image is nice it’s just that much of the main element is out focus.

    The top image (with the white flower) is nice as well but I would have enjoyed it more if the entire flower was in focus.

    So if anything you’ve aced the soft light section of this assignment but you need to work on your depth of field control.

    Usually in a hard light situation you wouldn’t really be able to overexpose the image without it blowing out. So i’m not sure this is a fully “hard light” situation but I know that you understand the assignment. Also when shooting fast moving objects you may have to adjust your shutter speed accordingly. In this image the flag is suffering from a little motion blur.

    You can usually tell if its’ a hard light situation by how sharp the lines on the shadows are.

    The main thing with the lighting environment is to use it to enhance the mood of your image.

    Obviously sometimes you don’t get a chance to change the light you’re in and you have to just shoot but if you can always try to pick the type of lighting environment you’re working in.

    I hope your enjoying the course!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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