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    I like taking pictures that make me feel like I’m somewhere else. I enjoy composing vintage type images that displace me from my current state and are soft and dreamy.


    Duncan Rawlinson


    Wonderful work. I love the unique cropping and the simplicity of the composition without over simplifying the photograph. You’ve managed to direct your audience’s attention at your primary object, while still providing enough background context to make the image engaging and interesting.

    From a technical standpoint, you were able to include such a large geographic space because you’ve organized the space well and kept control of your color palette. The image does have a vintage, dreamy and dusty look to it. When I look at this image I think of abandonment, travel and adventure. I love photographs that tell visual stories that are up for interpretation. This helps ensure that a photograph engages and audience and gets us thinking. You’ve done a wonderful job at incorporating story telling into a technically well composed shot. Beautiful images are great, but beautiful images that have a story are often better. Visual story telling isn’t a prerequisite of good photography, but it’s always nice to see photographers that want to go beyond “pretty” into story telling. Great work.

    From a technical standpoint this image is very strong. It abides by the rule of thirds and has a strong sense of depth and focus. The background is just slightly blurred which helps direct your audience’s attention to your foreground while still providing a very clear sense of context.

    I also really like the angled and low perspective of the camera. Look at your image closely and notice how your choice of angle has helped create triangular shapes and diagonal lines. Now try to imaging if you took this image straight on and only used horizontal lines. Can you imaging how that would have flattened the composition? It’s not wrong to use horizontal lines, and in many cases it’s necessary for a strong composition. However, angled lines also have their place. It’s about knowing when to use different perspectives to create different sequences of lines and shapes. With this photograph I think you’ve made the right choice.

    Great work!

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