Lesson 9: Black and White

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    I definitely had a harder time on this assignment…

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Spectacular images.

    This is very interesting work. Both images are monochromatic and require tonal range, but your first image uses true black and white while your second image is more sepia in nature.

    It’s hard to know where to start when talking about these two images because there is so much going on. Let’s start with the compositional structure of both images. You’ve done a wonderful job of implementing layers within both of these photographs. You have a very strong foreground, middle ground and background in both images. Both images however, have very different spatial qualities to them. Your first image occupies only a few feet of space, while your second image occupies 50 yards of space or more. Nevertheless you’ve managed to incorporate a strong 3 dimensional element to both shots. Great work.

    It’s also interesting to see these two images use tonal range differently. Your first image is a low key image while your second image is a high key image.

    What I find most impressive however has to do with your photographs spatial qualities. Both images have enough going on that they are not boring or flat. And both are very well organized, well frames and focused in their objective. What I love about your second image is that you’ve used a larger space in nature but you’ve managed to keep the image as simple in its design as your first photograph which is macro in nature. I think this is great for other photographers to see because it shows you can break away from macro photography while still keeping all the design elements that draw photographers to it in the first place (i.e. more control over object placement, simplicity, layers, color etc).

    I personally prefer your second image because it has a stronger story behind it in my opinion. You’re contrasting the industrial world with natures world. The image is full of texture. I absolutely love this image.

    Great work!

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