Lesson 9 (finally)

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    Here is my BW photo, I know it took me forever to get it done. I hope you like it.
    Thanks, Annette 100246

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi there,

    Let’s take a look at the hisogram for this image:


    Now given the assignment was the following:

    1. A wide tonal range
    2. An uneven tonal balance which is unevenly slanted towards the black end of the spectrum making the photograph appear low key (dark).

    You’ll note your image has a relatively wide tonal range but it’s not slanted to dark end of the spectrum. In fact the photo looks to have been shot with a flash. You don’t have to follow the rules here but I do want you to understand the distinction. If you have to go back and look at the lesson assignment again. You don’t have to re-shoot it but I just want you to know what I mean.

    No beyond that this photo has lots going for it. Your subject looks quite lovely and it’s an interesting image. Also note how the flash in this catch works as a little catch-light in the eye. If you pay attention to most professional images they almost always have some kind of catchlight in their subjects eyes.

    Speaking of eyes…

    If you pay close attention to your depth of field you’ll notice the right eye is in perfect focus and the left eye is just slightly out.

    Also from a compositional perspective don’t forget one of the most important things. To get close… The frame of this square image feels a bit off. I feel like this might have been a better choice:


    Overall this is a really nice image. It’s interesting and quite good. Just pay attention to your fundamentals and in this particular lesson your tonal range. Sorry for the delay here.

    See you on the next assignment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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