Lesson No. 1

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    Lesson #1 Pictures[attachment=0:2f52j5d4]Golfball Mushroom.jpg[/attachment:2f52j5d4]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello. This is a wonderful first assignment. I particularly like your choice of subject due to the interesting textures and varied shapes within the mushroom. In fact, I feel that you´ve managed to capture two fairly interesting photographs here. Both are very well composed and use various photographic elements to help enhance your photograph.

    Most importantly, you´ve managed to organize the 4 walls of your photographs very well. Both of them have no clutter or disorganization of secondary objects. This is very important as a photographer and one of the most difficult undertakings of many of the photographers in this course. It´s very difficult to organize all of the objects that surround us neatly into 4 walls of a picture. However, you´ve managed to do a great job of that.

    The second most impressive achievement in your close up photograph is your use of lighting to bring out the texture in the mushroom. The mushroom (especially that one in particular) is a great object to work with because it is so full of texture.

    You haven´t go this far in your lecture notes yet, to learn that side lighting can really help draw out even more exaggerated forms of texture in your photograph. You´ve done a very good job with this photograph, but I think you could have used some nice soft side lighting to help bring out the texture even more. If you´re using natural lighting then it´s just a matter of waiting a few hours for the sun to turn on more of an angle. This would really help the texture in the mushroom jump out of the photograph.

    Other than that, you´re off to a great start. I look forward to seeing your next assignment!

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