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    Lesson 2 Assignment

    Assignment Title: Inspiration

    The photos that have inspired me are of the photographer Anne Geddes. Her work with babies and mothers I identify most with. The types of pictures I enjoy most are of people’s expressions, their natural way of everyday life. I enjoy taking pictures of people being natural. I find this most prevalent in children and babies. They don’t pose; they don’t have the self-consciousness that adults have when placed in front of a camera. Anne Geddes expresses these traits. I enjoy taking pictures of people that are not posing just doing everyday activities. I try capturing their true character.

    Anne Geddes “Miracle” project which honors the special bond of love between a mother and her baby I find very inspiring. I am amazed how her images express that love. They are truly so breathtaking. They are simple yet so emotional. The babies seem so comfortable in their natural way. The love and care Anne Geddes shows in her portraits is so beautiful and inspiring. Her dedication to detail is also most inspiring. She demonstrates the innocence and beauty that all children possess. Another of Anne Geddes project “Until Now” is another of my favorites. She uses black and white photography to create mood in her photography. I have always enjoyed black and white photographs because they are just as powerful as colored pictures. They are classic, elegant, and mysterious to me. They are simple and uncluttered and also have style. Black and white photographs leaves room for interpretation and imagination for the observer. I feel this is a large part of an artist’s work.

    Anne Geddes is a self-taught artist who has battled her own self-doubts along with skepticism of professional photo experts. Yet she has succeeded because of her strong belief and has captured the most precious photos of newborn babies. Anne Geddes is an inspiration to me!

    Photography is a gift and you have to reach inside yourself and find out what inspires and motivates you the most. The emotional content is an image’s most important element. I feel that I have the eye for taking photos since I have practiced so much with my children and nephews, but I need to learn the technical side of photography.

    Milagros Busutil

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great write-up. I agree fully with the idea of engaging the viewer. All of the best stories engage a viewer. However, too often writers, filmmakers and photographers spoon-feed their audience by filling in all the blanks. Audiences like to think and interpret stories and images for themselves whether they be written or visual. It’s engaging, it’s fun and everybody walks away from the story or image with something different. Their own interpretation of the subtleties of a look, an expression or the body language in the image. This is also the most fascinating part of photography to me. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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