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    Inspiration of Perception

    “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”-Karl Lagerfeld
    One of my biggest inspirations so far has been photographer Kane Glendhill, although I feel he does not necessarily stand out from other artist or photographers, I connect with his seizures. I also have great respect and appreciation for his work because by simply looking at one picture you can see the dedication, time, passion, patience it took to preserve that single moment in time. That moment that will never be reproduced or ever captured exactly alike. He is driven by the beauty of landscape and I really can connect to that because I feel that landscape is the single most marvelous thing yet people in today’s society easily forget that they are surrounded by amazing and unmistakable art. I once was a victim of this act, I use to drive by a mountain every day to work not knowing the name of it or the history of this mountain, I was blinded to it because it’s not in peoples agenda to appreciate what was here and always been here before freeways or big buildings, nature is easily pushed out of everyday lives due to cities. Stop and admire and take the time to appreciate the fine details that the mountain was made up of. I then, one day hiked up that mountain analyzing the composure of it and the small details when reaching the top, I had an epiphany, that millions travel this freeway with no realization of what stands here each and every day producing elegance in its own special way. I thought to myself in that very moment I am driven to capture what this earth perceives whether it be beauty triumph new or old. It has a story to tell and I want to transcribe it, through my camera my motivation and my time.

    Kane Glendhill has achieved that he took his camera motivation and time to make superb pictures and photography of landscape and in each picture you can see the details that stand out to him through his creative mind and was able to transfer that story of nature onto camera. One photo in particular stood out to me Kane titled this piece “Awake” now my interpretation of the title is this as old as this lake may be it oozes its vibrancy and soft lines in its path of existence each and every breaking of dawn. The sun reflects off of the mystical water only to portray its role in the universe. The colors are deep and rich in every point from the very top of the sky all the way down to the rocks in the ground. I look at this photo and no matter how many times I revisit this piece I always feel reborn to the slight perfection. It truly inspires me to capture something of this measure in my lifetime. I only hope for possession of the mass skills it takes to uphold such talented work. I don’t think that I want to limit myself to sole landscape but I feel that my goal is to tell the story of movements that are taken granted each and every day such as the posture of a tree to the posture of a women caring her baby, that is my goal as a photographer and I feel Kane captures that in most of his photos the lines in his work are extremely important to him and his viewers along with color and when he shoots in black and white the lines are even more noticeable the way you can almost move with his photography is just incredible and it motivates me to get in touch with nature through the lens of a camera to the similar level that Kane has found.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for submitting another assignment.

    I’m glad you’re keen to get going. I would recommend that you receive your critique for each assignment before moving onto the next assignment! 😉

    I hadn’t heard of Kane Glendhill but I’ve taken a look at some of his image and the are indeed quite nice.

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say that you:

    connect with his seizures

    Maybe you can help me with that one?

    I love your story about your hike and your mountain. It seems as though this assignment wasn’t even needed for you because you’re already had an epiphany. You already know why you are inspired to take great photographs.

    Here is the photograph you mention in your piece:
    photo by Kane Gledhill

    It is indeed a nice photograph. He is presenting these images with a nice ultra wide aspect ratio with lots of saturation.

    In fact here are the settings that we’re used on this image:

    Date Time Original 2011:09:18 05:46:20
    Exposure Time 44
    F Number f / 8
    ISO Speed Ratings 100
    Metering Mode Pattern
    Flash Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
    Focal Length 26mm
    White Balance Auto white balance
    Make Canon
    Model Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    LensInfo 17/1 40/1 0/0 0/0
    LensModel EF17-40mm f/4L USM
    Lens EF17-40mm f/4L USM

    Given the long length of the exposure you can be sure that a very strong neutral density filter was in use.

    Nice job here.

    Keep that inspiration with you whenever you shoot and you’ll do great!

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