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    In Form picture , it was soft almost diffuse light.
    The other two were taken in bright light.
    I hope that all three have something to tell. And I’ve been working hard on composing . For example, for the summer image, I got to wait almost two hours, with the camera set, for to something interesting will come.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    All of these shots are great and each one possesses a strikingly different lighting environment.

    Your first image uses the hard lighting of the sun to expose the characters in the setting. However, even though this composition contains many characters, it’s not necessarily about the characters. The camera isn’t very close to them and there is no spectacle taking place (only walking, swimming and standing). It’s more of an objective photograph about recreation than a photograph about human emotion.

    Your second image however, gets closer to your main subject and there is more of a spectacle. The subject is laying down on what appears to be a road. Although we can’t clearly see the subject’s face, their body language seems to suggest some type of performance or protest.

    Out of the three images,, this is my favourite. You’ve used lines to create pattern in your subject’s shirt, you’ve fully desaturated your photograph and it contains a wide range of tonal variance, it’s simplified and it’s unusual.

    There is an interpretive story in this photograph and I love the engaging nature of the content. You captivate your audience not only with a strong and unusual composition, but also emotionally, by making us ask “why”. The content of the image is mysterious and therefore lends itself well to the visual story telling experience.

    The last image uses the softest lighting of all three compositions. I like the overall composition, design and placement of your objects, but I think by standing a bit further back or using a wide angle lens would have been nice to avoid the amputation on the right and left walls of the photograph.

    Other than that, great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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