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    [attachment=1:3bgf6ca1]motion practice1 038.JPG[/attachment:3bgf6ca1]

    [attachment=0:3bgf6ca1]backwindowpractice 039.JPG[/attachment:3bgf6ca1]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Wonderful photographs.

    Both shots contain many strong compositional elements. For example both photographs used limited color palettes and have well organized objects with a clear focus. Your first photograph contains only the essential information of the cat and the background to help provide context.

    Your second image uses lines and shapes as it’s primary objects, and again, is limited in its scope of interest to only 1 main object (the window in the home).

    I’m particularly drawn towards the compositional elements of your second photograph. I think the monochromatic choice was great. The scene has a wide tonal range which a slant towards the dark tones but still has enough white highlights to make it dramatic. There is also quite a bit of “noise” in this image. As a rule of thumb you try to avoid noise when possible, but in this case it gives the image a slightly aged look which complements the content and overall tone of the photograph.

    My main concern is with your first image and your framing choice. I think you should have either focused in on the cat’s face or moved back a bit to get the entire cat in the frame. Cropping just the bottom part of the cat I find a little distracting.

    But overall, the composition is very strong in both these images.

    If you’re having a hard time showing depth because you don’t have aperture control, try moving in really, really close to your object (for example a plant leaf). Your camera will generally be able to expose a slight sense of depth in that case.

    Great work.


    The picutures your took are really great. But i don’t think that they are related to the topic. PLease don’t let your focus stray when doing the assigment. Other than that. SUPEREB composition and colour choice. REMEMBER: DON’T GET DISTRACTED FOCUS ON YOUR ASSIGMENT!!! 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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