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    Kaylie Richard

    I explain my inspiration for photography and why I started

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi can you post this here. I’m afraid I can’t open this document.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    I still havent been able to access this.

    Can you email me the text or post it here?


    Kaylie Richard
    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for your submission.

    I’m glad you have found inspiration from such a talented instagram photographer!

    In that vein I have a little extra assignment for your.

    I want you to go and watch all of these videos:

    Also browse around here:

    These two pages are a goldmine of photography information.

    Now in terms of your assignment I’m happy your still working on completing the course. Do you have your own instagram account or something else I can see?

    You’ve done well here. You might be asking yourself why do this little essay? Well mainly because it gets you to think about what you like and what inspires you. If you forget what inspires you, you may just end up getting bored of photography which might see impossible now but it can happen. What’s more if you like a certain aspect of photography focusing on just that can help you improve faster. For instance if you like landscape photographs that are quite colourful maybe work on just shooting those and then move onto something else.

    If you like vibrant landscape photographs check out photoserge:

    He really goes overboard with the post processing but you can learn quite a bit from him. Including what it looks like when you take photographs and then really push them in post processing.

    I have some questions for your.

    What is your goal with photography if any?
    And are you having fun?

    If you’re not having fun with it let me know and I’ll give you some ideas of fun things you can do to learn.

    Thanks for your assignment and I’ll see you on the next one.

    Keep shooting!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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