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    Claudia Samples

    I always admired the People, who took those amazing Photographs and I wondered how they could possibly be so good at what they are doing.
    Until I started taking Photos myself. It started when I was in College for Nutrition and Nutritional Medicine.
    I would always have my Camera with me, when my Friends and I went out, hoping to get some good Shots of us.

    I really wasn’t that great and I am still far from being professional but I enjoyed capturing Moments and Emotions; That was all that mattered to me.
    I got told that I got Talent and I should do something with it.
    But as I was young and still finding myself I did not take it seriously and just kept it as a Hobby of mine.
    Times have changed, I have changed and evolved as a Person and within the last year I couldn’t help but think, that I need to do something big, maybe follow my Dream and become a professional Photograph so I decided to take Actions and here I am now!

    Henri Cartier-Bresson once said: “Your first 10,000 Photographs are your worst. “
    When I’m back from shooting outside and take a look at my Photos I like to remind myself of his Quote, it always give me a new motivation boost to keep on practicing!
    We Germans like to say: “Never once did we see a Master fall from the Sky. “
    But the man, by whom I’m inspired is Steven Kowalski.
    I understand, that since he isn’t one of the world known Photographers, Students might not know him but to me he is a amazing Artist and I hope one of these Days I can be as creative as he is.

    He started his Career in 2008 when he was running a small entertainment and politics publication called Swigged.
    He bought himself a Camera to show his Audience what he has seen at all these Concerts.
    Capturing Life…
    After doing so for 3 years he felt the need to do more with his Talent so he moved on to Chicago where he started a portrait Studio of his own.
    The Studio and his Artwork turned out to be a great Success and over time he got hired for more and more work, mainly portraits of Babies.

    Now coming to the Picture that I find most inspiring because there is an important Story behind it.
    I will post a Link of it since he owns the Rights to it :

    The Picture is to deal with the great loss of his younger Brother. You can see how he put the Woman in a Spotlight, she shines bright like and Angel but still she is in the Shadows of the Dark that present Death. If I would have to describe this Photo in one Sentence, it would be: “Don’t be afraid of the Dark, reach for my Hand and I’ll take you to the Light.”
    Also a nice Contrast and something that sticks out, is the white Dress she is wearing, symbolizing Peace.
    This Photograph is clearly meant to give Hope and Closure.
    And that is what I want to achieve with my Photographs, to tell a Story that people can identify themselves with, capturing Emotions and Moments.
    I want People to look at my Work and be able to forget about their Worries for a minute. I hope I can become that good where People have a Moment of Peace when they see my Work.

    Edit: I apologize for Grammer or Spelling mistakes as I am German and not 100% perfect in english yet.
    Thank You 🙂

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Claudia,

    Thank you for submitting another assignment. I am excited for you and your journey in learning photography!

    I think your attitude toward learning and gaining experience is excellent. That quote from Bresson is one of the best things to keep in mind when you are practicing.

    There is something awesome about being new at something and surfing the learning curve!

    Experiment, play, shoot everything and have fun. You only get to be a beginner one time!

    I had not heard of the work of Steven Kowalski. He is remarkably talented and has produced some absolutely stunning portraits.

    I really like his use of color and texture.

    If you can get to his level with your portraits you will do very well in your career!

    The most important thing here is that you have found inspiration through colorful and theatrical portraits! That’s great.

    Knowing what inspires you is key to getting to the next level with your photographs.

    Now that you know what specifically inspires you, you can do that!

    Great job here.

    BTW I really like this one:
    Just lovely!

    See you on the next assignment.

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