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    As I am fairly new to the world of photography, I had never really had any form of inspiration, until this assignment. In general, prior to taking up an interest in photography, I had never been interested in the world of art. As I started researching many different photographers and artists, none caught my attention more than the work of Georgia O Keefe. Although during her lifetime, macro photography wasn’t as heard of, I love how close she gets in each of her paintings. O Keefe really captures the essence of an object that she paints. Once I develop my skills as a photographer, I hope to someday be able to buy a macro lens and try to emulate the style of Georgia O Keefe.

    I love her use of bright colors. Her use of bright colors, in my opinion, makes all the intricate details of the flower, in this case, “pop” out. Her use of bright colors also helps to capture and hold the viewer’s attention. In many of her paintings, she almost takes the object/scene she is going to create and paints it in an abstract way. Her paintings of nature have inspired me to view the world around me in a different light. As a photographer/artist, she has shown me that even a simple flower, can become a beautiful work of art. Sometimes, I think that I, and maybe many other photographers, get caught up in trying to find a beautiful landscape, or the right moment when shooting a portrait, that we take for granted some of the simple things, that are often the most beautiful. Every time, I view a piece of O Keefe’s work, I feel emotions of peace and gladness. I also envision all the hard work and the amount of time that she put into each stroke, in order to make the painting look its best.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautiful example of a well composed, artistic photograph. It’s always exciting to hear when photography acts as the bridge guiding someone’s interest into the world of art. Welcome!

    Thank you for sharing this.

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