NPG Lesson 3

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    The 2 pictures i picked are of my and my little brother Matt.
    i took both of these pictures.
    The one of me i took it where i was blurry and my guitar in the background was clear.
    and the picture i took of my little brother i took it where the background is blurry but he isn’t.
    i think they turned out pretty cool! 😛

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Both photographs showcase your understanding of depth of field. I like how you’ve decided to take one photograph with a blurred background one with a burred foreground.

    Technically speaking both photographs are very well done. You’ve accomplished exactly what this assignment asked for. On a similar note, you’ve carried your knowledge of composition foreword and both images are well composed. However, I do want to bring some attention to your composition and exposure. The first image with the blurred background is great but the expose is a little high. I think you should have adjusted your exposure down 0.5 or 1 stop down. Do you notice how you’ve lost all detail in the right side of his face because of overexposure? In digital photography this is referred to as a “blow out” or “burnt out” area. It’s common to see in a sky, but you should try to keep detail in all of your main subjects, especially in faced. By turning down your exposure slightly you would have kept detail in this area. In the second image, with the guitar, there is also a blow out area behind the guitar, but because that section of the photograph does not play a primary role, it’s less noticeable and distracting. In fact, it looks artistic and dramatic.

    The problem is that it’s hard to identify these “burnt out” areas on your cameras small LCD screen. Some cameras have a “zebra” setting that will let you know what your overexposed areas are. If you don’t have this setting you’ll just have to be very caution and get to know your camera very well.

    Great work. I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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