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    Here are two photos. One close up and one dealing with a larger area.

    Duncan Rawlinson


    Wonderful work with both of these images. Both images accomplish exactly what we expected from you for this assignment.

    Your first image uses gradients of browns as its primary color palette. Not only are you working within the same tone, but you’re also working within highly textured negative space. By using the field as your background you’ve essentially used a minimalist, yet interesting background to help act as a secondary object. However, it’s simplicity accomplishes and important role beyond being non distracting: It helps isolate our attention towards your primary objects.

    This image has incredible balance. The two deer appear to be a mirror image of one another. Not only that, but you have a very unique color jump into a slightly darker hue in the top half of your composition. This line cuts your photograph in half with each of the deer being on opposite sides of the line. This further enhances the sense of symmetry and balance of your image.

    What I love most about this image however, is your great use of space. The image is brave in it’s wide composition, yet you’ve managed to find creative ways to simplify such a large space. Congratulations on this image.

    Your second image is more asymmetrical in its approach. With this image you’ve chosen to abide more closely by the rule of thirds. The image is made up of a predominance of earth tones (i.e. gradients of brown and green).

    The focus of this image is great and the side lighting really helps draw out the texture in both the dragon flies and in the leaves themselves.

    Great work with this assignment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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