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    Below, the low-resolution triptych represents my interest in doing black-and-white and color portraits of cats (and sometimes their humans).

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great assignment.

    In fact, this photograph makes many improvements that needed attention in your previous assignments. Your exposure levels are much better, your composition is strong and your subject placement is great.

    I really like how you’ve chosen to make this photograph black and white. The wide tonal range in the shot helps make this a dramatic black and white photograph. It’s a very lively shot.

    So while many of the issues have been corrected in this shot, a few things still deserve you attention. For starters, the bottom wall as well as the left wall of the photograph could use a bit of cleaning up.

    In particular I find the amputation of the lamp a bit distracting. To me, it seems as though you should be including the entire lamp or removing it all together. It does seem to provide some context and its textures and shape is interesting, so I would keep it in, but I would include the entire object and not just part of it.

    The same goes for the cat’s tail on the right side of the frame. Although I find this amputation less distracting, I still think it’s worth making the decision to either cut out the entire tail, or include the entire tail.

    In short, make sure you’re careful about the 4 walls of your photograph and objects that come in contact with them. You’ve generally been good about this, but there is still a bit of room for improvement in this area.

    Overall, great work! This is one of my favourite shots of yours.

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