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    a radiator somehow taking the shape of a Gotham city skycraper….

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Way to go!!

    You’ve done well for the first assignment:

    Lesson 1: Assignment Assignment Title: Beast to Beauty
    We want you to find something particularly boring in your home. It could be a doorknob, a remote control, a garbage can, a plain couch, tiles or anything else which you would rarely notice around your home. Something totally forgettable and uninteresting.

    Now what we want you to do is to take 2 pictures of the object. Take one picture of it as you normally see it. Stand back and take the picture of the object with disregard for its relation to other things or any interesting elements within the object itself.

    Now, I want you to get close to the object and see it with fresh eyes. How can you make this object interesting? What if you changed the lighting? What if you added something to it? What if you zoomed in? What if you blurred your camera to make it more abstract? What if you put it in close relation to something else to make it more interesting? These are all just ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Now Take a second picture and turn this ordinary object into something much more visually pleasing.

    You’ve submitted two photographs here of a vintage radiator.

    You’ll notice how mundane/boring that thing looks in your ‘beast’ shot.

    Simply by reframing and moving your position you’ve turned the mundane into the dynamic. In fact you’ve even noticed yourself that a radiator can look like a vintage sky scraper. When you have ideas like that run with them! Put little tiny cars below and maybe some lego men or something. Be playful with your photography and have as much fun as you can.

    Without the fun in the beginning you’ll never feel like progressing and getting better.

    So my main thought to you on this assignment is put fun first. Then worry about the technical and the details of creating a nice image.

    Of course the other main idea here is to think about how you see the world. Start seeing the world as a photographer does. A photographer will recognize patterns and lines in this radiator and immediately put them to work like you’ve done here.

    Good job on this one!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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