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    As much as I love all fields of photography, I’m especially interested in Glamour and Fashion Photography. I’m attracted to surreal beauty and splendor. Taking abstract pictures of people and objects, wildlife and landscapes are all very inspiring and artistic, but for me organizing a photo shoot is the most captivating. I like working with people, pooling our ideas and thoughts together to bring out a beautiful picture. Working with stylist, models, make up artists and lighting technicians to create the perfect ad or portrait is one of my passions.

    There are a lot of great glamour photographers out there, but if there is a voice inside my head when I’m photographing people, I’d have to say it’s the voice of Peter Lindbergh, one of the most respected and widely acknowledged photographers in the world. He has been described by many as the “poet of glamour”, and indeed he is. His work is a perfect harmony of natural beauty, elegance and creativity. I admire how he has his own unique style in depicting not only the beauty of his models, but also their feelings and self expressions. His camera breaks through the icy walls most models surround themselves with. They become real people, simple and undone, and yet so stunningly beautiful. He brings a new meaning to simplicity and elegance. His photos document timeless beauty, in a world so fast paced that human feelings and personal uniqueness is lost and unnoticed.

    It’s very hard to pick my favorite piece, since I love all of his work. One of his famous photo shoots for Harper’s Bazaar is a collection of the world’s top models, including Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, with no make up, no retouching and simple white shirts or flannel tops. Later that year, he was presented the International Fashion Awards Prize for Best Photographer. He was praised by many celebrities and prominent international figures for having an easy unpretentious personality, which comforts his subjects. He is known to have a distinct eye for beauty and magnificence, leaving an invisible signature on each and everyone of his art pieces.

    I like to believe that all people are beautiful in different ways. Lindbergh is an inspiration in the way he captures inner beauty and emotions. It’s the role of the photographer to create perfection even with the simplest of elements. The magic of light, color, posture and composition are all integrated together to infatuate the viewer. A photographer is not only a spectator, but also a creator…an innovator,,,, someone who inspires confidence and unique self expressions. It’s the kind of art that combines reality with idealism, and that I believe is the essence of life.

    His website is being renovated, but you can view some of his work on

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    You are the first person to discuss the collaborative elements of photography. I hope to see some type of collaboration with stylists, hair and make up artists and designers in your upcoming assignments.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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