Simplicity and purity

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    It is beautiful weather these days so I worked hard to get these pictures. The worst thing is to figure out what you want. I hope I have achieved what is needed.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    This is a fantastic series of images. They all accomplish exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. The main idea behind this assignment was to see your ability to see large areas of space in an organized manner. What I love about your three images is that they space is very different in each. You’ve moved from a city to the country and you’ve still managed to find compositional simplicity in both areas.

    For starters, each of your images abides by the rule of thirds with your horizon line placed on the bottom 1/3rd of the frame. This provides a sense of informal balance and it makes your compositions more dramatic than they would be if they were balanced.

    In all of your images you also use negative space (i.e. the sky) to further help the simplification process.

    Not only do all of your images have great color control but they also have great balance control. In each photograph you’ve composed your shots with your weight shifting from either the left or right hand side. For example, in your first image the buildings take up the majority of the space on the left hand side. In your third image however, the weight imbalance is much more subtle, but the tree on top of the hill help give the left side of the composition something to break the symmetry. These little subtleties really add a nice touch to your composition.

    It’s important not to oversimplify your shot and you’ve done a great job of organizing your images,, but not stripping them of their texture or beauty.

    My one recommendation would be to play around with perspective a little more with wide shots like this. By getting closer to the ground you can effectively incorporate the ground as a foreground element which helps give big shots like this a sense of depth.

    Again, great work!

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