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    I remember being a little girl and telling my mom that when I grew up I wanted to be a National Geographic Photographer. Photography published in National Geographic has always been so inspiring to me. One in particular was the photograph of the “Afghan Girl,” by Steve McCurry. I know that the photo is known as one of the most recognized photos in the history of National Geographic but for me the photo represents the saying “Eyes are the window to the soul.” Looking at this photo you see more than a little girl with stunning green eyes you see her soul unraveling her life story across the photograph. I feel that this photo captures raw emotion that leaves the viewer captivated in the truth that only pictures can provide.

    The theme within Steve McCurry’s work that is of most importance to me would be the way his photos tell a story. When I look at his photos I feel like he as a photographer was not a bystander with a camera but more the eyes of a regular person that is a part of that story. It feels like you get a glimpse of what it would be like if you were actually there. I really love how his photographs tell the story of a person or a culture or even a landscape.

    Other themes that I love about his photographs would be the colors, contrast and how he uses his camera in different vantage points. All of the colors in his photos are so bold and vibrant. I love how he can use color to help you focus on the story he is trying to get across. I also love how he uses detail to make you feel like you are actually in his photograph, he thinks about reflections and light at the same time. His photographs have such great contrast and balance. One in particular that expresses that would be a photograph he took of the Taj Mahal. He has the sand balancing the water and the sticks balancing the Taj Mahal. But the main focus in this photo is the person that is almost in the middle of the photo. I really like how he took all of these elements to make such an amazing photo and of course a great story to go along with it!

    Here is the link to the photo of the Taj Mahal:

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Steph!

    I can see why Steve McCurry and his work is inspiring to you. There is no doubt that his work is fascinating!

    You mentioned a few keywords that I thought we’re fascinating in your assignment:

    truth, captivating, story, elements and color

    Any good photograph has some combination of all of these. Well maybe not a black and white 😉 but you get my drift…

    If you can keep that in mind when you shoot, you’ll improve. Think about how honest photography can be. Think about how captivating one single image can be. Remember to tell a story hopefully using various interesting elements and color.

    Is this the photograph you are referencing? I was unable to see it at the link.

    Steve McCurry Taj Mahal

    I enjoyed your piece and I would encourage you to learn more about Steve McCurry.

    Here is a video about him.

    Obviously the goal of this assignment was not to get you to refine your writing skills… The idea here is to refine what inspires you. To get you to think about why photography is interesting to you.

    I hope you enjoyed the assignment. You did well.

    See you on the next assignment.

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