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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Fantastic photograph.

    You’ve done exactly what this assignment called for you to do. You’ve take a wide scene and you’ve used various compositional element to help give it a sense of cohesion. You’ve turned the chaotic world around you into photograph has a sense of focus.

    The strongest photographic element in this image is the element of line. The diagonal lines in the road, the sidewalk and the homes. Not only have your been able to incorporate lines as a photographic element, but you’ve also managed to limit your photograph’s color palette to a surprisingly limited array of colors. You use gradients of green, brown and grey as your main palette which really helps make your image easy to look at.

    You’ve also effectively used the road as a leading line that guides the viewer’s eye into the photograph from the lower right hand corner up towards the upper left hand corner (slitting the image into two separate sides). The sense of symmetry in your photograph is amazing.

    However, what I liked most about your image is your subtle use of layers. You’ve managed to incorporate a foreground (the area closest to your camera lens), a middle ground and a background. This give your image a three dimensional element that you would have lost if you didn’t choose your framing so wisely.

    The only concern I have is the placement of the cars by the trees. Obviously, there is nothing you can do about this, but it would be a stronger photograph if there were no cars, or the cars were not interrupted by the shape o the tree trunks or leaves.

    But overall… fantastic work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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