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    This assignment is somewhat problematic for me,because having just retired and being in my seventies I have only just taken up photography as a way to keep me “out of the way and occupied” as per my wife,s wishes.
    So I have not as yet got to the stage of looking for inspiration,more still finding out what the camera can do,and what control the camera has,or I have over the camera.
    However,it already seems that taking the photograph is only the start of the process….. in the age of film,what you took was what you got…..but these days it appears that you need computer skill and the additional trip to “photoshop” or its alternative,is almost mandatory.
    Perhaps its my age,or it might just be me….but I always thought that the pleasure of taking photographs was to try and recapture what your eyes could see,not a photo that would finish up with little or no resemblance to the original.
    Whilst just taking what the eye could see,would be my own way,I will have to accept that things are not the same anymore and “get with it “
    So it will mean looking for inspiration from some of the “New Masters” to get into the new ways and technology…..I have just still got to find them.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello John.

    in fact I think it’s important that photography is to you what you want it to be. Otherwise you’re work will be generic or counterfeit. this process however, takes time. Just as a writer develops their craft over many pages, photographers develop their visual style through countless photographs. it’s very rewarding in the end though, so please stick with your gut.

    If your urge is to capture the image in its most “true” composition then that is great. No post production is necessary.

    Take a look at these photographers. They do some “post production”, but in my opinion a lot of their raw pictures are more impressive.

    Great black and white photographer – I don’t think he manipulates his images at all…

    A group of Spanish photographers…. again very minimal editing.

    I hope that can provide you with a sense of company knowing that others feel similar.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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