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    Here is my third assignment.
    Best regards

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Your flower shot is absolutely breathtaking. The colors had me mesmerized for a while. What a dramatic choice of colors. They colors work well in that photograph because they slightly contrast one another. Likewise, you’ve done a great job of color simplicity. You’ve really narrowed this image down to two primary colors: blue and green. The yellow middles to the flowers act as great highlights further enhancing your photograph. From a composition standpoint the shot is also very well framed with your flowers slightly off center creating a very nice informal balance.

    From a technical standpoint, this picture is near perfect. The assignment called for a shallow depth of field you were able to capture that by blurring both your foreground and background with a shallow depth of field.

    My only concern is that you may have put the focus line slightly too far back. It would have been nice if the center highlights of the flowers (the yellow part) was the small area of depth in sharp focus. However, I think the sharpest are is slightly behind the yellow highlights causing the center of the flowers to remain slightly out of focus. However, I really like everything else about this photograph. The textures are wonderful. There is a softness and a natural beauty due to the lighting conditions that you shot in.

    The second photograph you took is also very well done. However, it is suffering from a few more technical mistakes. Firstly, notice the large shadow in the foreground which serves no purpose? From a viewer’s standpoint, it’s a little distracting because we’re not sure what’s causing that shadow. It takes my attention away from the rest of the photograph.

    The motion blur portion is very well done and very interesting looking, but the composition of the shot could be better. You’re on the right track with the position of the subjects, but the cut off part of the tree top in the background is a little distracting to me as well. The camera should have been positioned slightly higher to get rid of the foreground shadow and allow you to capture the entire tree top (rather than amputating it with the top wall of your photograph).

    Both shots, however, are great. I can’t wait to see what you can produce next.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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