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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello everyone. Below is an AntiDull update.

    Antidull Update

    Many of you have submitted photographs to AntiDull for publishing.

    Antidull is a publication that relies on sponsors for each issue. Therefore, they can only publish if they have a minimum of 2 sponsors / month. We used to sponsor some issues, but we’ve had to cut our ad budget in half since the beginning of 2008. That being said, They have 1 other sponsor for a potential January issue and as far as I know we will act as the second sponsor in the hopes of getting the publication back to regularly publishing (or at least quarterly).

    Therefore get your photographs in soon so they can look through your work and decide in January. It usually takes them about 2 weeks to publish after they’ve made their selection. I expect the next issue to be released in Early February.

    We hope you are all well!

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