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    As an aspiring young photographer, I am still developing my own unique style. I have been looking over endless works of many photographers and have found myself continually coming back to the work of one D. L. Ennis. His photographs are mainly of nature and landscape but in a style that uses vivid colors and sharp detail to portray the exact moment as it would feel to be there your self. The one piece that has inspired me the most is titled “Flow”. ( The piece shows a small stream flowing down some rocks in the forest but is so vividly coloured and so sharp, it looks nearly unreal. The bright colors stand out to me and inspire me to shoot photos of a similar nature. I am looking forward to learning about the use of filters and shutter speed to achieve the soft look of the water as it cascades over the landscape. I love the themes he portrays in his work that show landscapes as I feel they were meant to be seen and emphasize the seasons as they feel rather than how they look. I love the outdoors and the many possibilities of seeing so much color and detail and the endless perfect settings for a great picture just waiting to be found. Viewing his work makes me feel like he must be somewhat of an adventurer as many of his shots appear to be in remote locations and encourage people to go out and enjoy the world around us as it truly is a beautiful place. After a few moments of viewing photos like his I want to grab my camera and get outside and find some new place for a challenging new shot that will inspire someone else as he has me. He has had a strong impact on the kinds of shots I try to achieve and I have learned lots about color and use of natural light to make a photo stand out from the rest.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great choice of photographer and thank you for sharing that specific photograph. The shot titled “flow” takes into consideration many elements of design, but his use of a well designed color palette helps him strengthen the drama contained within this natural environment.

    I look forward to seeing some of the same compositional qualities in your future assignments. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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