Weather & Landscape Portfolio (Revised)

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    Apologies for the delay in the progression of my portfolio.

    I finally had time to make the minor improvements needed, and I have added new photos in the Weatherscape, Landscape, and Black & White Sections as well.

    Also it seems like I am only able to change my domain once. So I will have to use the current domain I have now. But I did make a few adjustments on the main page, and my about page to clarify myself and my portfolio. Good thing I am set with my artist format, S.D. Weather & Landscape Fine Art Imaging, so it will never change.

    I hope you enjoy the changes I have made!


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sending in your portfolio of images. I think the changes you’ve made have greatly improved the site.

    On this page:

    The description could be written a little better:

    Like weather which is my biggest passion. Landscapes is another growing passion of mine.
    I like to be able to showcase the simplicity of mother nature, and capture the spirit of place that I am photographing.
    I like to capture intense colors and shapes which make the photograph that much more awe inspiring.

    Also since your weather and cloud photographs are your passion I think you should focus on those. In other words maybe even feature them more prominently on your main page.

    Another note would be that it’s a bit confusing that the black and white section is surrounded by black and white photographs:

    [attachment=0:2d3itdhy]b and w diaz.png[/attachment:2d3itdhy]

    Now the main thing with your website is that you want to treat it like a garden. If you leave it on it’s own it will slowly die.

    Keep working on it and don’t stop!!!

    Nice work man.


    Thank you for giving me some critique, and the tips on how to improve my portfolio!

    I have taken what you have told me into account, and I am definitely treating my portfolio as if it were like a garden.

    I am currently revising, and adding the finishing touches to perfect my portfolio before finally I move on to my next assignment!

    I will have the portfolio turned in again before the week is over. I’ve also added some images from my trip to Corpus Christi, Texas that you will really enjoy! 😀


    Duncan Rawlinson


    Keep working hard on it!


    Here it is the final touch ups for the site! I made to add good descriptions in each section, and added a variety of photo’s for each section. It is about where it needs to be. But I will continue to always update and keep up with the site.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Nice work.

    You’ve made some good improvements here.

    On this page you have several black and white cloud images which feels a bit like an overlap of the weatherscapes section: (also is weatherscapes an actual word? or did you just invent your own genre? i like the idea of weatherscapes!)

    You might want to include a profile picture and reformat your about page. The paragaph spacing looks a bit werid on my machine.

    Also you don’t have to say things like, “an aspiring intermediate professional photographer” Just own it, just call yourself a photographer!

    Overall you’ve done a nice job here!!


    I got everything corrected. The paragraphs and also got rid of a large portion of cloud shots from the B&W section so it’s all balanced now.

    I thank you for being patient with me on this particular assignment. Since I look to pursue photography as more than just a hobby. I want to make sure everything is in order!

    I think everything is now where it needs to be! But of course I will always keep up to date with it! I’m about ready to move on to the final assignments!

    I also added a new link to my profile on so please feel free to give that a look as well 🙂


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Awesome. Great job.

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