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    I got everything corrected. The paragraphs and also got rid of a large portion of cloud shots from the B&W section so it’s all balanced now.

    I thank you for being patient with me on this particular assignment. Since I look to pursue photography as more than just a hobby. I want to make sure everything is in order!

    I think everything is now where it needs to be! But of course I will always keep up to date with it! I’m about ready to move on to the final assignments!

    I also added a new link to my profile on so please feel free to give that a look as well 馃檪


    in reply to: Weather & Landscape Portfolio (Revised) #21302

    Here it is the final touch ups for the site! I made to add good descriptions in each section, and added a variety of photo’s for each section. It is about where it needs to be. But I will continue to always update and keep up with the site.


    in reply to: Weather & Landscape Portfolio (Revised) #21300

    Thank you for giving me some critique, and the tips on how to improve my portfolio!

    I have taken what you have told me into account, and I am definitely treating my portfolio as if it were like a garden.

    I am currently revising, and adding the finishing touches to perfect my portfolio before finally I move on to my next assignment!

    I will have the portfolio turned in again before the week is over. I’ve also added some images from my trip to Corpus Christi, Texas that you will really enjoy! 馃榾


    in reply to: Black & White #21000

    Here it is the new photo. Much better light settings for a good balance in colors. I took the time to make sure I was able to get the best results possible.

    Now the photo is much more stable along the histogram than the crazy spike ups in the previous ones!


    in reply to: Dramatic Effect #21256

    Here are the re-shooting results of a very beautiful sunset glow.

    Enjoy! 馃檪

    in reply to: Dramatic Effect #21255

    Yes sir I recommend you get you’re hands on this megapixel powerhouse! 馃檪

    Now that I look back it you are right. Worth the shot though!

    But I got just the thing and I will post my new results ASAP! 馃檪

    in reply to: Advanced Comp #21184

    Now with the aspect ratio I know the dimensions might be a bit awkward. For what’s it worth that’s the way It needed to be. Given that I cropped the image to make it a panoramic style. 馃檪

    With this image as well as another photo that I”ll tag you in on my page. I am able to still able to print a big detailed 16×38 print outs!

    Can’t wait to start the next assignment. 馃檪


    in reply to: Advanced Comp #21183

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the image! I chose black & white for this image because I really like the balance monochrome brings to the photograph. Like a Clyde Butcher photo for example, a really pleasing photo with a unique mood and character.

    In this case not just with this shot but many other past shots, I will do a color version as well to showcase a more lively mood from the photo. It’s really neat how black & white can reveal a whole new character and feel to the photograph. 馃檪

    in reply to: Simple Composition #21115

    I’m glad you enjoyed the photograph! 馃榾

    I really wanted to think outside the box with this assignment.

    It really was a technical dance trying to get this shot. Struggling with the low light, focusing properly on the image, and on top of that not using a tripod made this one of the more challenging, yet worthwhile shots I have worked on.

    I was blessed to be able to get something like this. It’s the most colorful image I have captured yet! The watermark is just there for now. I usually just have it there for some protection especially when I share them with friends and such on my social page. But I will definitely look into Creative Commons now.

    Also yes even though the colors in this shot are extremely vivid. I felt like anything less just wouldnt make this shot what it is you know. I really wanted this image to scream beauty! I always want to capture that other world perspective, and I think I nailed it with this shot. 馃檪

    This was a really great assignment! Really looking foward to lesson 7.


    in reply to: Colors #21092

    Sometimes you gotta to simplify things to get that good shot 馃榾

    I admit that it was pretty tricky positioning my camera to make the shot as even as possible. I remember having the same issue when I took a particular shot downtown.

    But once I add a tilt shft lens that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    Indeed I always think about what colors to add into my photographs to really make them stand out, but most of all, make a statement.

    Looking for to starting lesson 6! 馃檪


    in reply to: Polarizer Enhancement #21055

    I always love using the polarizer probably the most versatile piece any photographer can have.

    From going over the assignment the one filter that caught my eye is the Deep Orange Filter.

    I hope to add this filter to my arsenal very soon!

    The dramatic effect that stems from this filter is excatly what I need in my area of photography.

    Including a Neutral Density Filter for more mysterious, ethereal shots as well.

    But I will experiment with other filters to see what new techniques I can discover!

    in reply to: Lesson 3 Movement & Depth #21047

    I couldn’t agree more I definitely enjoyed this assignment!

    I also admit I could have done a better job with the depth of field subject.

    All in all though it really got my “Photographic” mind thinking and will apply these same techniques to my primary photography work.

    Can’t wait to start the next lesson! 馃榾

    in reply to: Assignment 2 Full Page #21023

    Those are some great Texas photos.

    We do have a good amount of wild life here.

    Coyotes, Jack Rabbits, Deer, we even have a lakes here.

    That offers a great variety of insect life, plant life, and wildlife. Which made for some great shots.

    I always keep an eye for that special shot, and take my camera whenever I can.

    Practice makes perfect!

    in reply to: Assignment 2 Full Page #21020

    Thank you for the critique.

    Indeed he does take amazing photographs. I will continue to work on my craft to soon be able to achieve such stunning results in the future.

    Also I will always keep his inspiration in my arsenal. He is my main inspiration behind all of my photos!

    I do live in a big city. It has landscapes in and also near the city area that are great for capturing photographs. I’m sure you might have seen some of my city shots on my Facebook page. 馃檪

    Texas has so much diverse landscapes & weather. Which is why I was able to get not just great landscape shots, but also really beautiful weather shots like no other!

    I will get started on my next assignment very soon! 馃檪

    in reply to: Assignment 2 Full Page #21018

    Excellent! Thank you.

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